Happy Fall Y'ALL

Two weeks ago my little boy climbed onto a school bus for the first time and headed off to kindergarten.  He had to have been nervous, scared, and excited, but he walked right up those steps like he had done it a hundred times.  I also had all the feels, because I knew that from now on everything would be different. No longer would he spend his days with his mama and little sisters.  He would spend most of his hours with his teachers and classmates, and we would get the little slivers of time left over between school, sports, and bed.

My husband and I, along with our three little ones, packed up everything we owned and made the journey from Frankfort, IL to the Charleston area a year and a half ago.  (We would have packed up our parents and Auntie Kate, too, if we could have!) In Frankfort, I taught high school for 12 years. After having spent so many years as a student, and then continuing on as a teacher, my life and world really revolved around the school year; August was my New Year.

I loved summers- I don’t need to explain why- but I also loved fall.  There is something magical about the beginning of the school year. Teachers and students alike are excited about the possibilities and adventures that lie ahead.  (And backpack and school supply shopping! I love me some office supplies.) That was one of the things I always loved best about teaching- each year I had the opportunity to start new, start fresh.  I could constantly reinvent my classes and myself as a teacher. I could look back on what I had done the year before and reflect on where and how I could make things better.

I’m no longer teaching, but I had other reasons to be excited about this school year.  My little boy gets to meet new friends, have new experiences, and start to become the person he wants to be.  And I can still reflect, evaluate, and think about how I want to be better this year.

This past year has been nothing if not a year of firsts:  moving to a new state, staying home with my kids, making new friends, starting a business.  This year has been glorious but not without its challenges. I know there’s times I could do better and be better.  (Hello, Mom Guilt!) But I can’t wait to see what this new year holds for myself, my family, and my little guy.

I hope that this year can be a fresh start for you all, too, and nothing short of amazing!  Happy Fall Y’All!


- Tiffany

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