Holiday Gift Guide 2018

It’s that time of year again, girlfriends! Time to panic find that perfect gift for everyone on your Christmas list. Fear not: we’ve got the perfect gift-giving guide for everyone on your good list! While we KNOW you’re doing all your clothes shopping with Wild Magnolia Boutique, we’ve rounded up all of our other favorite items for this year to make gift giving a breeze!


Let’s break this down by gift recipient, shall we?


The Sister/Sister-In-Law

Buying for my sisters and sister-in-laws is usually really fun for me! However, it can be a challenge to find something that fits their unique personalities that still feels personal and thoughtful. My absolute favorite gift this year is the Revlon One-Step Volumizing Hair Dryer ($59.99 @ Ulta). My poor salon suite mate, Danielle, has had to hear me rave about this dryer for over a MONTH! Unfortunately for me, I raved about it so much that my mom and sister promptly bought it for themselves, and I can’t buy it as a gift (EYEROLL). So: what’s so special about this dryer? It’s a blow dryer/ round brush combo and requires literally zero skill to give yourself an awesome blowout in no time at all! I blowdryed this afro from wet to gorgeous in 17 minutes. Yes, I timed myself. Yes, I’m too dramatic.


The Mom

Mom deserves nothing but the best! And that’s why she deserves the amazing Instant Pot ($85 at Amazon)! We use the instant pot 2-3 nights a week at the Becker household and at this point I would literally pay quadruple if I had to buy it again. We’re obsessed! Why is it so great? Quality, home cooked meals in a fraction of the time. Ex: Shredded Chicken Tacos in 12 min, as opposed to stewing all day in the crock pot. All we can say is, “you’re welcome.”


The Dad

Why is Dad always the hardest to shop for? Maybe it’s because he’s always the hardest working! When it comes to my Dad we find it hard to shop for a guy that we feel like deserves so much! We choose to focus on things he enjoys doing, such as spending time with friends and family. That’s why the Outdoor Heater ($113 on Amazon) is such a great find! Whether you’re living in the Chicago suburbs or Charleston, this heater is the perfect addition to your garage or patio. (Garage parties are TOTALLY a Midwestern thing). Enjoy your outdoors all year round with Dad!


The Husband

Jeff and I choose to focus on gifts of “experience” rather than things every Christmas. This is mostly in part to my horrible habit of buying myself gifts all year round, but that’s beside the point. This year, find tickets to your husband’s favorite sporting event or concert. It’s not only the perfect gift, but it gives you something to look forward to together! If you’re in a larger city you can purchase game day tickets, or if you’re in a smaller area you can make a weekend out of a fabulous hotel stay and game!


The Grandma

Grandma’s gifts are always about comfort and luxury! We want to treat grandma to something she wouldn’t spend money on herself, and that’s where the incredible Barefoot Dreams Blanket ($147-$180 at Nordstrom) comes into play. Celebrities rave about the comfort and softness of the Barefoot Dreams blanket. I picture its perfect spot in my grandmas reading chair! If you’re lucky you can catch this throw on sale at Nordstrom this winter for only $49.


The Boss

You want the gift for your boss to say “Thank you”. That’s why we think the hand crafted cutting boards and kitchen décor from Restored Board (~$50) are the perfect unique gift. We guarantee no one else on his/her list will get her such a creative hand-made gift.


The Kids

Whether you’re the show-off auntie or a full time mom, your kids will be all smiles when they discover the Power Wheels Wild Thing ($50 on Amazon) under the tree! The Wild Thing is a fun upgrade from the Power Wheels motorized car because it is more compact and can make tighter turns and corners. This gift is recommended for ages 5-10 and comes with parental-controlled speeds up to 5mph.


The Grab Bag

The dreaded $10 limit grab bag gift. This grab bag is usually a work-promoted event, or maybe a fun game you play with family. You’re faced with not wanting to buy the typical bath and body works set, yet still find a gift that your random grab bag participant will appreciate. In comes: the Chick-Fil-A Cow Calendar ($8, participating Chick-Fil-A locations). The bad news: this is the LAST YEAR Chick-Fil-A is offering this calendar! The good news: This calendar is available now for only $8 and includes $30 free food for your grab bag recipient! Am I buying 10? Maybe. Are they all for me? Definitely.

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